The Immersive World Adventure

An Epic Immersive Experience Like Nothing Else on Earth

Go on an Epic, Immersive Adventure

The Immersive World Adventure is a destination retreat with a story: a multi-day immersive experience mixed with workshops and bonding with immersive industry leaders.

2024's destination immersive experience in the Mayan Riviera, entitled 'Quintessence of Dust' and co-created with a team of local and indigenous artists, took guests from an Indian wedding in the jungles of Tulum and catapulted them into a deep exploration of pre-hispanic Mexican civilizations, a frenzied and uproarious journey through the afterlife, a jaw-dropping moment of visceral holiness in the waters of a candlelit underground lake, and finally past cascading tears and belly laughs into an unforgettable meditation on aliveness, humanity, mortality, awareness, and the coming age of technology.

For nearly a decade, Epic Immersive has been bringing together leaders and trail-blazers in the immersive industry, like the founders of Cirque du Soleil, Punchdrunk, Meow Wolf, Third Rail Projects, and more. Now, guests and hosts alike bond for life thanks to a "life-changing," "transformative" 4-day experience.

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Bond forever with new mentors and allies.

You'll connect in meaningful and unforgettable ways with pioneers, leaders, trail-blazers, fans, producers, investors, and chroniclers of the immersive industry and the Experience Economy.

Past speakers at Epic Immersive gatherings have included:

  • Cirque du Soleil founder Guy LaLiberte
  • Punchdrunk founder Felix Barrett
  • Meow Wolf founder Vince Kadlubek
  • AREA15 founder Winston Fisher
  • Third Rail Projects founder Tom Pearson
  • NYT best-selling author and the first ARG writer Sean Stewart
  • Sr. Narrative Director of Meow Wolf's Omega Mart Joanna Garner
  • Mycotoo Chief Development Officer Fri Forjindam
  • Walt Disney Executive Creative Director Sara Thacher
  • Broadway Producer Brian Moreland
  • Miguel Melgarejo of CocoLab
  • Museum of Black Girls founder Charlie Billingsley.
  • Without Walls Festival producer Amy Ashton.

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